Weekly Goals

I posted some pretty broad September goals the other day & wanted to try and do a weekly post where I come up with more concrete, measurable goals. I want to try to get back into running again. I took the spring/summer off because I’ve been dealing with shin splints for the past 5+ years since I ran cross country & track in high school. Shin splints are an overuse injury and are very preventable if you do things right which I definitely didn’t do. I never took breaks and ran on my shins even through all the pain and knowing I should take time off. I think the 6 months off has helped a lot but every time I try to run even a little bit I still feel pain in my shins as soon as I’m done running & sometimes for days to a week after.

So imma start out with just 3 simple goals for this week and get back to you once the week is over to see how I did! I think blogging about my goals will hold me accountable and motivate me not to slack off or forget about them. So we’ll see how it goes!

  1. Run 2 times (just a mile or two, whatever feels good & pain-free!). Run with better form: land on soles instead of heels or toes, stretch calves before & after, stay hydrated & get electrolytes to prevent cramping, roll out muscles after). Also, do heel raises and toe raises (3 sets of 12) twice this week.
  2. Meal prep salads for lunches & overnight oats for breakfasts. These aren’t what I’m going to eat every day because that’s too tedious and boring (for me, it works for some people!). But it’s nice to have healthy meals on hand to just grab & go, especially with having classes and work every day except Fridays. I don’t have a lot of time to make food for myself when I’m hungry. So meal prepping once a week is really beneficial for where I’m at with business right now and helps me de-stress and not have to worry about it!
  3. Spend an hour, once or twice, cleaning/organizing my room. My room is a disaster and has no real organization, especially the closet! I just throw everything somewhere & hope for the best when I go to find it. I want my room feng shui-ed and beautiful & see if it actually has an effect on the energy / how well I sleep. IDK if that actually works or not (because I never have a clean room) ;), but I really want to try!

Peace out girl scouts. ❤ ❤

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